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Belts for men are stylish, timeless accessories used to secure clothing and enhance the physique.


Men‘s belts come in many styles, materials, widths, and patterns for every outfit. Reversible buckles, canvas, leather, and synthetic leather are popular options.

Tips for Effectively Buying Men’s Leather Belts

Belts may add a lot of pzazz to your ensembles. But what should you look for when shopping for such belts? Here are some pointers to aid you with your search:

  1. When dressed for a formal occasion, make sure the colour and finish of your belt match the colour and finish of your shoes. Also, look for ones with simple belt buckles. In formal attire, simplicity is crucial.
  2. When it comes to casual clothing, logic can be reversed. Color coordination with shoes is not appropriate here. Instead, choose men’s belts that match the overall design of your clothing.
  3. Men’s belts, particularly leather belts for men, require some resting time, just like shoes. So, alternate belts every other day to allow them to air-dry and restore their shape. Buckled belts made of tarnish-prone metals must be polished on a regular basis.
  4. Ideally, your belt size should be two sizes larger than the waist size of your pants. Your buckle should be secured in the third or middle hole on most belts, which have five buckle hole possibilities. It’s time for new men’s belts if the buckle secures itself in the first or last hole.


When you shop for essential wardrobe items like belts, you want to buy high-quality, durable products. That is just what you can anticipate from Bawa Style. You can find some of the top-quality belts that you will want in your collection right now. Bawa Style carries a large choice of men’s belts, whether for functional or fashion reasons, or both. It all comes to a conclusion at Bawa Style!


When you’re putting together an outfit, you’re either mixing your belt with it or thinking, “Oh, it might simply disappear under my shirt, so why bother?” 
Bawa Style is here to revolutionise the game, because our belts for men collection is everything but blend or avoid! We believe that standing out in a crowd boosts your confidence and has a beneficial impact on your work, either directly or indirectly. As a result, you must be dressed in an excellent style. Even better, with our belt assortment, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward.

A variety of colours and patterns

Whether your character is sophisticated and confident, or flamboyant and boisterous, the Bawa Style Men’s Belt Collection has something for every type of man’s persona.

Our Black, Tan, and Jade Blacks with Subtle Texture or Texture Less would be ideal for an official look.

We provide men’s fashion belts in many colours for party wear, such as the Crocodile Skin Textured Vegan Leather Belt and the Cobra Skin Textured Vegan Leather Handcrafted Belt.

We have these vegan leather lightweight belts in three hues for individuals who like elegant, lightweight belts: dark brown, brown, and jade black. 
And the best thing is that each belt has been handcrafted with affection, no machine use—feel the joy of employing many artists who have worked hard to create your piece of choice.

How to Select the Perfect Men’s Belt Before purchasing a belt, always follow the guidelines outlined below.

The general rule of thumb for measuring a man’s belt size is to take his waist size and add 2 inches. For example, if you wear a 34 pant size, we recommend a 36 belt size. Otherwise, use a measuring tape where you will be wearing your belt, and that number will be the location where the central opening of the belt will fit. Always order one size up from your actual measurement.

The belt should be wide enough so that it does not rub against your waist skin or hide under your shirt. Furthermore, always go for a test drive: wear the belt and stroll about to get used to it. Our men’s designer belts feature a simple exchange policy to ensure you get the best fit possible.

The only rule here is that a dress belt should never be worn with casual shoes—formal belts for men should be worn with formal shoes. If you don’t wear a belt, keep the buckle simple so that you don’t have to think about it every time you step out.
When it comes to colour coordination, if you have a dark earthy-coloured belt, the best choice for shoes would be dark earthy-coloured ones. If your shoes are a specific shade of brown, a brown belt would look fantastic with them.

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