When you come to us for a refund, know that we will be more than happy to assist you. Isn’t this a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate our honesty and integrity to you? Your feedback will also be used to improve our product and services. We urge you to return items if you don’t like them. Because if you don’t return it, we’ll both be in a lose-lose situation. You’ll lose your money, and we’ll lose your trust, which is more valuable than cash. Rather, we recommend that you request a refund or an exchange. We may lose some money when we give you free returns, but that’s fine. Because we’ll work hard to win your trust.

Help us earn a more valuable asset in our business: your trust, not money.

It’s even easier to return with a Bawastyle than it is to order one. Return requests can be submitted online in the “My Account” section. You can also send us an email at bawastyle.com or call/Whatsapp us at 7997995020 and let us know what’s up. We’ll set up a time with you and send the original Bawastyle clothing to our shipping partner. Check to see if the garment is in good condition. Of course, it’s been unused. It’s perfectly fine if you’ve misplaced the original packaging and tags. You can even retain the gift that was included in the package; all you have to do now is return the original merchandise.


Within 24 hours of receiving the return cargo, we will process a full refund.

1) Your refund will be credited to your bank account within 5 to 7 days if you made your payment online.

2) If you paid by cash on delivery, please give us with your bank account number, bank name, and IFSC code. Within 2 to 5 days, we will reimburse your money by NEFT or IMPS.

3) You can also request a refund in the form of “Bawastyle cashback,” which you can use to purchase further Bawastyle products in the future.

4) Refunds are only possible after the parcel has been dispatched, delivered, and reverse picked.


We will dispatch your exchange package from our warehouse after your return cargo has been picked up from your location.

Replace a standard-size garment with a custom-size garment as follows: If our normal sizes do not suit you and you prefer a Custom fit garment, include your best fit garment in your return package with your Bawastyle garment, and our courier boy will pick it up from your location. We will make your garment from the ground up to your specifications and deliver it to you in 10 to 15 days. Your dimensions will be saved for future orders as well.

Cancellation Policy

Who Can Cancel – Customer can cancel the order before dispatching of the order or company can itself cancel the order if any faulty, payment issues found etc.

Refunds On Cancellation – If cancelled order requires any refund to be given back to the customer, then the refund will be credited  between 7-15 working days for Original Source depending upon the payment method.

Note 1 – Company(We) can cancel any order if found faulty, payment issues etc from our end without any prior notice to the concern customer and customer cannot sue us for that.

Note 2 – Company have all the rights to cancel the order without any notice to the customer.

Note 3 – Transaction charges of 7% + GST will be deducted wherein customer demands a monetary refund of their prepaid cancelled orders.

Note 4 – Please note that we are not liable to entertain any refund/issue raised after 30 days from the date of order placement.